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BioTalk, Episode 2: Three Parent Embryos and the Brave New United States

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A new episode of BioTalk is finally here!

In this episode, Rebecca Taylor and I talk about scientists experimenting with “three parent embryos” and the “Brave New” United States where there are no restrictions on this or other once unthinkable kinds of human experimentation currently in practice. We also discuss the impact this kind of experimentation has on women. Ladies, pay attention. Human biotechnology is a women’s issue if ever there was one.


One thought on “BioTalk, Episode 2: Three Parent Embryos and the Brave New United States

  1. Hi Chelsea and Rebecca! Great discussions! I thought that was a great point about how the public says “oh yeah, that’s OK” to anything so that people can have genetically related children. Interestingly, that applies to Transgender and same-sex couples too, whether they are using sperm donors and surrogates or stem cell derived gametes coaxed to be the opposite sex. Expect to be called an anti-gay bigot if you say there is no right to reproduce as the other sex or with someone of the same sex, but I think the public is smart enough to see that it isn’t anti-gay or hateful to prevent those unnecessary unethical experiments just so some people can pursue Transgenderism and Transhumanism fantasies. But we need to head off the PR campaign that is going to try to make people think it is a civil right to change sex and make babies with anyone.

    I would love to see you and Rebecca make a biotalk episode about stem cell derived gametes and the more abstract topics of Postgenderism, Transgender reproduction rights, same-sex reproduction and marriage reproduction rights.

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